Reflect the Past, Explore the Present, Invent the Future

General Information

Dominique A. Polchow

"Teachers at Bryant Ranch are action oriented, competent, creative and compassionate in meeting the academic needs of students."

- Dominique A. Polchow

  • The staff, together with the parents and community, has established clear performance standards that are set at attainably high levels for all students.
  • We have a powerful teaching and support staff that utilizes rich and diverse instructional techniques that are explicitly designed to assist all children in achieving the standards.
  • Parents, community members, and the school staff work collaboratively to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom.
  • Our school is rich with instructional technology that supports the curriculum. All classrooms have computers and multimedia equipment networked to both the library and computer lab. 
  • Continuous communication and diverse opportunities for shared leadership support the philosophy of decision making by all stakeholders.

Bryant Ranch School is named for the ranch that existed here years ago. In 1875, John Bixby, of Long Beach, purchased 6,000 acres from the widow of Don Bernardo Yorba, the original grant owner. His daughter, Susanna Bixby Bryant, took a great interest in the cattle ranch and after her father's death built a 2,300 square foot ranch house on the property. She also created a 200 acre botanical garden of native plants as a memorial to her father. After her death in 1946, her grandson, Ernest Bryant III, took charge of the ranch. In 1951 the memorial garden of native plants was moved to Claremont College. The Bryant home is owned at this time by the City of Yorba Linda and is maintained by the Yorba Linda Historical Society as a museum. The home is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, and in the California Registry as well.

Since opening its doors in 1990, Bryant Ranch School has the reputation for being a community hub of innovation and exploration, where adults and students are nurtured in a caring environment to become life long learners. Bryant Ranch is located in a middle class neighborhood with homes, condominiums, and apartment complexes. Many parents tell us they moved into the Bryant Ranch attendance area specifically for the school's excellent reputation of high academic performance, the meeting of student needs, and service to its community.

We have an extremely active PTA priding itself on strengthening the school by providing over 30 support programs/enrichment opportunities for parents and students. The community's interest in Bryant Ranch is evidenced by the thouands of annual volunteer hours and the amazing attendance at Back-To-School Night.

As part of our commitment to the community, Bryant Ranch teachers place a high priority on collaboration, professional growth, and enrichment opportunities. Weekly collaboration takes place in both formal and informal settings. Shared leadership and professional empowerment are tenets all Bryant Ranch teachers follow; evidenced in the professional responsibilities assumed by a number of staff members, including: Team Leader, Disaster Preparedness, Technology, GATE, among other duties.

Technology is a focal point for both community and staff, with the school completely wired for present and future needs; a strong technology team has developed a comprehensive 5-year plan.

Bryant Ranch is not only continually acclaimed by the community, but was recognized as a California Distinguished School in 1993 and 2002, and again in 2006. In 1994, the school was also honored with the National Blue Ribbon award, and received this honor once again in 2003. Our school began simply, as a school upon a hill in the farthest point east in our district. Through the combined hard work of parents, teachers, administrators, students, and the community, Bryant Ranch School has evolved into the proud academic institution that it is today!


It is the mission of Bryant Ranch School to provide differentiated instruction that challenges its students to reach their highest academic potential and to motivate and support students to become self-reliant. Through mutual respect within the total school community, we will facilitate collaboration ensuring a strong and supportive home/school connection where together, we are enthusiastic about the teaching/learning process.


  • A positive and caring environment promotes intellectual curiosity, encourages creativity, and provides a balance between team work and independence.
  • Promoting high self esteem is the foundation for all school programs.
  • Students and Staff pride themselves in putting forth their best effort.
  • There is a strong sense of community awareness and responsibility.
  • Students are provided opportunities to learn about and appreciate the cultural diversity within our community.
  • Cooperation among staff, parents, and students encourages open communication and mutual support.
  • Learning is celebrated as a lifelong experience.
  • Students are recognized for striving towards academic success and appropriate behavior.
  • Programs are provided that meet individual student needs.
  • Schoolwide programs focus on developing a healthy mind and healthy body.
  • Everyone is special.


Bryant Ranch School will be recognized as an invention center, encouraging students, staff, and community members to continually explore their environment. It will be a problem solving center that encourages lifelong learning. 

Bryant Ranch will offer a unique program for students and be an integral part of the greater community. Its facilities, resources and philosophy will meet the varied learning needs and interests of its diverse participants during the school day and through afterschool activities. Excited, involved learners of all ages will focus on inventing the future. 

Bryant Ranch staff will act to heighten students' enthusiasm to become lifelong Explorers. The active involvement of adults as parallel and collaborative learners seeking solutions will be essential in this process. 

Bryant Ranch students will be provided programs that will allow them to continually explore the unknown and experience success in their endeavors. Real life issues will become the catalyst for exploring possible solutions and applying a variety of problem solving methods. Students will experience learning through hands on activities, use of technology, and active research in independent and cooperative settings. 

These ideas and resources will empower students of Bryant Ranch to focus on knowledge acquisition and creation of new ideas supported by technology. The home and school will work collaboratively to extend the physical base for learning. A nurturing, encouraging, and caring environment will propel our lifelong learners along their educational journey as they "Reflect the Past, Explore the Present, and Invent the Future."